What Are The Benefits Of Private School Education? Here Are Five Questions To Get You Started

Private high schools

What are the unique benefits of private school education? Look no further than recent statistics.

American parents are understandably concerned about their children’s progress these days. When there aren’t fears about children being too stagnant and staying inside all day there are fears of bullying, low grades and a future without a higher education. No matter what your child’s particular hurdles or interests are, the advantages of private school will make sure their adult years are given a strong foundation. Boasting some of the highest rates of SAT scores as well as a more focused classroom setting, the benefits of private school education may just be what both you and your child need over the coming years.

The list will detail the five most common questions regarding private school education.

Are Private Schools Safer?

One of the benefits of private school education is the more secure and well-maintained setting. From dawn until evening your private school will be carefully patrolled and attended to, laying to rest any fears you may have about bullying or drug use. A recent survey found 20% of public school teachers reporting student apathy to be a major problem, compared to just 4% of private school teachers.

Will My Child Receive One-On-One Attention?

Whether your child has a learning disorder or just isn’t receiving the help they need to thrive in their classes, the benefits of private school education include smaller classroom settings. While public schools are known for being extremely large, private schools are often much smaller and boast more attentive lectures. An estimated 25% of all schools in the United States are private, meaning an art high school or prep school could easily be in your child’s future.

Do Private Schools Prepare My Children For College?

Absolutely. In fact, one of the most coveted elements of private school is how easily it prepares your child for college and beyond. A recent survey found a stunning 95% of non-parochial private high school graduates going on to a four-year postsecondary institution. The national private school SAT score is approximately 1235, to boot, and this is much higher than the national average of all schools at 1060. No matter what your child decides to study in the future, a strong foundation of good grades and prep work will ensure they have the most options available to them.

Can I Enroll My Kindergartner In A Private School Setting?

If you want to get your child started on the benefits of private school education early then you’re already good to go. Among the three-to-five year-olds enrolled in preschool programs back in 2015 around 50% attended full-day programs. Overall, just over two million students were enrolled in private elementary schools across the United States back in 2016. While nearly 25% of public school teachers reported a lack of parent involvement a major problem in their school, a mere 3% of private school teachers stated the same.

Are Private Schools A Better Option Than Public Schools?

When you want to ensure your child is not just safe and secure, but actively encouraged to learn to their fullest ability, the benefits of private school education cannot be understated. Your average private school is safer, more carefully managed and accessible than even the best public school. Not only do they have higher rates of parental involvement, they provide thorough groundwork to prepare your child for college and the working world through rigorous testing and prep programs. You can even have your preschool or kindergarten-aged child involved in the best day schools to give them a headstart.

What can the best private education provide your children? In a short…the absolute best.

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