What You Should Know About Sending Your Child To Private School

If you’re looking to send your child to a private school in your area, you are far from being alone. After all, private schooling has become more and more popular of a choice with the passing of the years. In fact, up to just about one quarter of all schools in this country are private schools, and very nearly five and a half million students attend them all throughout the United States alone, let alone the total number of private school students on a more global scale.

For many people, however, the biggest benefit of providing their children with a private school education actually comes directly from the small class sizes that private schools are typically able to provide. After all, the average school size for any given private school in this country does not even reach 150. And more than 85% of all private school institutions found throughout the country have no more than 300 total students at the very maximum with many, of course, having many less.

With far fewer students than your typical public school (where it is not uncommon for the total number of students to be in the thousands, though this will vary from school to school), the benefits are immense. For one thing, students are able to get more individualized attention, something that will help to ensure their overall success in any given school environment. When student to teacher ratios are low like this, it means that students at both ends of the spectrum will be able to receive the additional support that they need, whether or not they are struggling or excelling.

This becomes particularly important for many students during their high school years, when the future is imminent and planning for college must start earlier in the game than many people actually realize until they must do it. At the typical private school, such access to college support systems is much more readily available, typically in the form of your average guidance counselor. For instance, the typical guidance counselor at just about any given private high school will be able to dedicate more than half of their time (around 55% of it, to be just a bit more exact) to matters of college preparedness.

Unfortunately, such is typically not the case at any given public school found anywhere in the United States. For one thing, the guidance counselors at these schools are often overworked, forced to juggle large student loads. And when they are responsible for so many students, each individual student will end up getting less time with the guidance counselor in question. After all, the typical public high school guidance counselor will only be able to devote around a mere one fifth of their time to college readiness, something that will be detrimental to many of the students who need a great deal more advising on the subject.

And small class sizes and closer connections formed with education professionals like teachers and even administrators can have a number of other hugely positive effects as well, impacts that are not just seen in private high schools but in the best private schools geared for all ages – even in the best private preschool near me. After all, the best private preschool near me can help to get your child set up for success, and the best private preschool near me will help to ensure their growth and development. Aside from the best private preschool near me, day schools that are private are also common. In addition to day schools like the best private preschool near me, private elementary schools and private middle schools are also readily available in most parts of this country.

After all, private schools like the best private preschool near me have much better student engagement rates, with less than 5% of all private school educators noting any kind of problem with such. A similar small percentage notes any kind of issue with parent engagement as well, as parents in private schools tend to be quite engaged. In up to one fifth of all public schools, however, both are problematic – and often only becoming more so as time passes on.

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