What’s on Your Wedding Planning List?

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If you’re planning a wedding, you may want a few tips on how to make this occasion incredibly special. There are so many different elements you can include to create a spectacular event. From sparklers and fireworks to amazing decor, there are quite a few ideas that you may want to explore to make sure your wedding is incredible.

Every year, about 2.4 million weddings are performed in the United States. With all of these different couples focused on outdoing each other in terms of decor, style, and theme, you need to know how to turn your wedding into something amazing and memorable. A little healthy competition among friends and family members can be fun, and you may discover that you inspire each other.

From the day you’re engaged to when you’re heading off to your honeymoon, making wedding plans can take a significant amount of time. This can often be anywhere from 7 months to a year, and just searching for the most romantic wedding venues and honeymoon destinations may feel a bit overwhelming.

Did you know that it’s a good idea to book your wedding reception venue as soon as you can after becoming engaged? Wedding planning experts will tell you that this should be crossed off your list a minimum or 9 months to a year before you actually tie the knot.

While finalizing your guest list may be at the forefront of your mind throughout the planning process, so, too, will the menu, beverages, cake, flowers, and decor. If you’re also planning to have entertainment at your reception, there will be that organize as well.

Were you aware that more and more weddings are being held outdoors? A recent survey showed that 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions. While it just might depend on the weather conditions, morning, afternoon, or evening weddings can all be held outdoors with just the right accoutrements.

Since you obviously want this day to be special, have you considered working with a wedding planner? If you are looking for a traditional wedding or have something more unique in mind, there are all-inclusive wedding packages that may interest you. You may be interested to learn that around 40% of couples want to have a venue that reflects their personality, so they’re looking for unusual venues.

Just imagine having someone to assist you throughout this process so you can focus all of your energy on buying the dress, planning the honeymoon, and finding some time to pamper yourself as well.

After your special day has passed and you’ve created a wedding and honeymoon memory book, you may start to think about planning a family. Once you’re expecting, chances are that your friends and family will be looking for locations to have a baby shower!

If they’re not sure where to have a baby shower, chances are that your wedding planner may also be acquainted with a baby shower planner who will know several locations to have a baby shower. Once your friends and family are also expecting, you may be called upon to assist them with finding locations to have a baby shower as well.

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