When Buying a Home, Location Is Paramount

Townhomes near your school disrict

When you begin looking into a home for sale, remember that location matters more than you probably realize. The ideal neighborhood fits your current lifestyle, of course, but you must also be cognizant of where you plan to be in five or 10 years as well. No matter how perfect of a home you buy, its location can make a big impact on the satisfaction you feel with your new home.

Where to Begin Your Search: Internet or Real Estate Agent?

About 92% of homebuyers look for new homes on the internet. On average, those who utilize the internet have more options and take their time to make a decision. For the average 10 weeks of searching and 10 homes viewed by internet users, those who do not take their search online tend to make do with fewer options by half. The other 8% only take about five weeks to look around and only view about five homes for sale. These lower numbers might be due to contacting a real estate agent. Only about 14% of homebuyers reach out to these professionals for advice, but in doing so the real estate agent may be able to narrow down the list of an ideal a home for sale.

The Ideal Location Is One That Fits Your Lifestyle.

Take the time to look at where each home for sale is located in relation to shopping centers, gas stations, freeway entrances, and schools as well. A new home community will always advertise their strengths, such as being close to freeways or being located in a great school district. If you have a vibrant social life, living close to local hotspots may be more important to you. Conversely, if you have several young children, a home close to a nice park and playground will be more attractive. Those who love the outdoors and/or have a rambunctious dog(s) may want a home for sale that is near great hiking trails. It all comes down to what you value.

New Home or Old? Choose the Easiest Option.

If it is within your budget, you may wonder if it would be better to choose a home for sale in a new community development. The perks are clear: no one has lived in (i.e. wrecked havoc upon) this house; it will be covered under a limited warranty against faults; and it may have other perks such as energy efficient appliances. An older home needs to be carefully checked for numerous nuisances, from mold to wiring issues. No home is ever perfect. But some homes prove to have an easier buying process than others.

Buying a home is a big decision. It can, at times, be overwhelming. Choosing the right home in the right location for you takes careful consideration to make the best choice. When you are unsure, take to the internet to gather research, or if you prefer, contact a trusted real estate agent. It is best to have your questions answered before signing.

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