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Onesie pajamas adult

Pajamas are a fun subject, especially when approaching the idea of the adult footed pj. Statistics show that 74% of people in the U.S. wear pajamas when sleeping, and 61% of people do not have a choice of different pjs to choose from. When considering sleepwear, especially for adults, most people do not think about onesies pajamas, unless they are looking for childrens pajamas. Many adults simply choose to sleep in a night shirt or even an old t-shirt.

There are, however, lots of adult onesie pajamas out there to be had. Most adults will make this type of purchase for a variety of different reasons. In fact, there was a pajama party held in March of 2012 in Austin, Texas, at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival at which a total of 309 people attended, each wearing a pair of adult footed pj. They now hold the record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest footed pajama party in the world.

Womens sleepware for different occasions is a popular purchase item. Nightgowns, two piece pajamas, a top and shorts, or a top and lounge type pants, are often bought as a gift. Womens footed pajamas are fun to give, as well as a random pair of pink onesie pajamas. A bridal shower will provide a fun reason for guests to buy different types of sleepwear, even a pair of mens footed pajamas for the groom!

A pair of adult pajamas, medium size, will fit a person who weighs up to 180 pounds and is up to five feet nine inches tall. There are, in addition, plus size pajamas, even onesies, for adults. When shopping for pj’s, especially footed onesies, it is best to remember that during the washing and drying process, there will be approximately a seven percent shrinkage. An adult footed pj will really not have much room for shrinkage if its fit is snug to begin with; therefore, it is best to keep that in mind before purchasing, and think about going up a size. This is an especially important fact to remember when buying online, or when purchasing the pajamas as a gift because the recipient is not available to try them on.

Footed pajamas for babies are an excellent choice, especially for newborns. Keeping a newborn warm is often a priority, and onesie pajamas with feet are invaluable. Diaper changes are easy with the flap fastened by snaps or velcro. The baby does not have to be completely undressed and can be changed quickly, preserving the warmth inside the pajamas. For babies who are not big fans of diaper changes, this is a wonderful bonus, not to mention a real relief for mom and dad!

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