Why Many Parents Prefer Day Schools for Their Kids

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One of the biggest decisions a parent has to make about their kids? schooling is whether to send them to a public or private school. Both kinds of schools have their advantages. For many parents, private schools with their smaller classes and personalized atmosphere feel like a more secure and nurturing environment. Committed teachers and extracurricular activities like sports and music give children in day schools an early advantage, encouraging them to develop their talents.

Private schools have lower enrollment numbers
Typically, private schools have fewer students than public schools. Teachers and even administrators now kids and parents by name. This gives them a more personalized and nurturing atmosphere, creating an environment where children feel comfortable enough to learn and grow.
Smaller enrollments also mean that the school feels safer and more secure, which is an important consideration for parents of kids all the way from preschool to graduation. Many parents choose private schools for their kids because the teachers are highly qualified and committed. Smaller class sizes mean that students get individual attention and encouragement from teachers, giving them confidence in their own abilities.

Day schools offer extra-curricular activities
Day schools offer multiple curricular activities, while maintaining high academic standards. Beginning with private preschool, children have classes in arts and crafts, music and creative expression. This allows them to develop their talents in a nurturing environment. Educational researchers have also found that kids do better academically when their education includes music and the arts.
Top private schools also have well-run athletics programs, offering kids a choice of sports from track and field to soccer, baseball and lacrosse. The day school curriculum helps to develop the child?s overall character and talents, with a well-rounded education.

Finding the right day school
Parents whose kids are enrolled in private schools are highly satisfied with the education they are receiving. One survey found that as many as 80% of parents with kids in religious private school and 82% of parents with kids in other private schools were ?very satisfied? with their choice. At the present time, there are 30,861 private schools in the country with a total enrollment of 5.3 million students from pre-kindergarten to high school.
Private schools are also well represented in urban areas, and have 1.5 times their enrollment in and around cities as compared to public schools. For parents looking for a day school for their kids, it isn?t difficult to find a god one near them.

Many parents choose day schools for their children?s education because of the extracurricular activities that allow them to develop their talents in athleticism and the arts. Smaller enrollment creates a secure and nurturing environment when kids can learn and grow.

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