Why You Should Donate Your Old Clothing

If you’re looking to donate to charity, you really should. Charitable donations are quite widespread here in the United States, with the vast majority of people in this country donating to some type of charitable organization at least once throughout the course of a year. For many people, donating to charity is the least that they can do, and is something that will almost certainly bring about positive change one way or another.

Of course, not everyone will be able to give in the form of a monetary donation. Living is expensive, after all, and this is not something to be overlooked. Fortunately, most people can donate old clothing. Clothes donations are widely accepted at many a charitable organization, such as at veterans charities as well as your typical red cross donation center. A red cross donation center will likely always be accepting of your charitable clothing donations, as the American Red Cross is certainly a charity that provides a great deal of service to a great many in the communities in which they operate.

For instance, the typical American Red Cross center will provide shelter to those who need it, such as the homeless populations that have become so very widespread in so much of this country. In addition to this, the typical Red Cross donation center will also accept donations in the form of clothing, food, and even blankets. Blood donations are also welcome at your typical American Red Cross donation center. And as such centers are open absolutely every single hour of the day and day of the year, it should come as no surprise that all of the donations you make to the typical American Red Cross donation center will be put towards a good cause.

Of course, donating your old clothes to the typical Red Cross donation center is beneficial in a number of other ways as well. For one thing, it’s an environmentally sound decision to make. For many people, buying new clothing is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, the average person living in the United States is likely to consume nearly 70 articles of clothing over the course of the year. This means, on a countrywide scale, we are consuming up to 20 billion various garments in this same span of time.

Unfortunately, most people are not yet donating to a Red Cross donation center or other such charitable organization. Instead, the average person is actually likely to throw away up to ten pounds of clothing in just 12 months, that same year long span of time. All of this clothing will then compound, sent to landfills throughout the country and never getting a real usage again. This is not only hugely wasteful, but hugely detrimental to the overall health and well being of the environment as well. Unfortunately, our environment is very much in a state of crisis these days and therefore the importance of taking any and all steps to prevent it is quite stark indeed.

And with so much clothing being consumed on a yearly basis, there is no doubt at all about the fact that most of our closets are simply overflowing with the stuff. For most of us, most of this clothing is simply taking up space, as we are not actively using much of it. In fact, if you live in a part of the country where there are only two seasons or even just one, you should ideally be donating anything that has not been worn for at least six months. Everything that does not fit should also be donated.

Ultimately, donating to a Red Cross donation center will quite hugely pay off at the end of the day. For most people, just being able to do good for the community and the world at large is more than enough, and is certainly something that we should all be striving to do more of. We must protect our world, after all, and all of the people who live in it. Making donations for your old clothes and even for other old textiles is one way that this can be done, and something that will become more and more popular with the passing on of time.

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