Four Reasons For Your Company To Invest In A Commercial Water System

As the most abundant resource in the world, water plays a pretty important role in our everyday lives. Seventy percent of the Earth is covered by water and it also influences all-as in 100%-of the processes in the human body.

Water may be important, but in many places, a water supply is harmed by many forms of pollution, including suspended matter, chemical water pollution, ground water pollution and nutrient pollution

For folks who work in restaurants and other customer service jobs, particularly within the food industry, there are many benefits to getting a commercial water system. Commercial water systems do a lot help make water purer, better and clear and there are many benefits to having one installed.

  • Fewer issues with equipment: One of the benefits of a commercial water system is that it helps greatly with water filtration. Some water supplies can be filled with harsh elements and over time, those harsh elements can cause significant damage to pipes. Think of water supplies loaded with acid or alkaline. In the restaurant business, this can be extremely detrimental as employees are trying to keep a clean work space, which includes clean equipment, such as sinks. By having a commercial water system for filtering, those harsh elements can be removed and keep equipment functioning properly.
  • Better tasting water: It’s a staple in almost every restaurant: a pitcher of water on the table or fresh ice water poured in glasses when patrons sit down to eat. Water can be very refreshing on a hot day and restaurants can do themselves a great service if the water tastes good. A commercial water system ensures that the water restaurants are serving to customers is filtered and cleaner, thereby offering a better drinking experience.
  • Cost-efficiency: Another better of a commercial water system is that restaurants and other businesses can have a quality water supply at an affordable price over time. Rather than having to constantly pay for equipment repairs due to hard water damage, companies will actually save money because the commercial water system will protect their equipment over a longer period of time.
  • No residue left behind: When restaurant employees are washing dishes at the end of a long night, they want to be able to wash those dishes knowing they’ve got clean water to get the job done. A commercial water system will ensure that water comes off clean and doesn’t leave any sort of dirty residue.

Due to the high levels of contaminants and pollutants in some areas, it’s important for restaurants and other businesses to test their water quality from time to time. Tests kits are available that businesses can use to test water quality. But it’s important to note that test kits can vary in their accuracy and may not test for certain contaminants. One test kit may indicate high levels of iron for example, but may not register similarly high levels of some other mineral. If you’re unsure, leave it to the professionals, who can tell you just how clean your water is and water sort of minerals are in it.

A reputable water quality test lab can take your water through various water quality analysis methods to see exactly what your business or company is working with. The last thing you want is to be in the dark if water is something your company uses on a daily basis as in restaurants and other food service jobs. A commercial water system is well worth the investment as it offers cleaner, purer water that tastes better and won’t leave behind a residue through better filtration processes.

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