Your Guide to VA Home Loan Rates

Va loan requirements

Every year countless soldiers come back from war to try and live a normal life inside of the confines of the United States. Some times, these veterans are able to seamlessly transition back into the normal daily routine of most Americans. For some, however, things are not this easy. Plenty of veterans deal with the same financial issues they faced when they possibly joined the army in order to get away from these financial woes. Other brave veterans may come back from war feeling as though they are mentally scared. Mental issues dealing with PTSD and other traumatic stress disorders will not allow veterans to find peace at home as they feel like they are still at war, often having sleepless nights filled with nightmares. Because of these types of scenarios, there are now programs that have been put in place by charities and the government to help out veterans. Some of these different programs include: charities like the Purple Heart foundation, organizations that help veterans find work back in the United States, and most importantly: VA home loan rates.

VA home loan rates have been built in a way that are very specific for veterans VA home loan eligibility for VA home loan rates is not simple and quite be a little complex if you do not know a lot about home loans. You should definitely seek out help from someone that is a professional in terms of economics. Obviously, VA home loans and VA home loan rates are not the same a normal loan program. VA loan rates are built in a way that are supposed to be helpful towards veterans. For instance, in order to qualify for a VA loan, you have to have served 181 days during peacetime, 90 days during war time, or six years in the reserves or National Guard. Also understand that VA home loan rates do not pertain only to veterans, the spouse of a service member who has been killed in the line of duty may also be able to qualify for this type of loan. VA mortgage rates are currently as much as 50 basis points lower than those available for conventional mortgage loans. Also, it is important to know that VA home loans do not require mortgage insurance and also allow for 100% financing. These are just a few ways in which VA home loan rates are different from the average home loan rates that average citizens can get. This is great because veterans have sacrificed so much for this country and thus deservedly so they should be reimbursed and appreciated for their work and sacrifice. VA home loan rates are a crucial part of most veterans lives.

VA home loan rates, like many other charitable acts for veterans, can help go a long way in making veterans lives much easier and much better. The VA home loan program, as a matter of fact, has helped more than 22 million veterans achieve homeownership. In the year 2015, a total of 134,808 home loans went to veterans who also happened to be first time homebuyers. VA home loan rates helped put all of these veterans into their very first homes after they come back from a tour of duty. Also in the very same year of 2015, VA home loan rates helped a total of 187,307 home loans go to veterans who had previously owned a home. In both of these scenarios, VA home loans and VA home loan rates have helped countless veterans come to own a home.

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