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Discount Furniture

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Decorating Ideas

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Monthly Archives April 2018

How to Add Character to Your Modern Home

People buying new homes for the first time may find themselves stuck between wanting to make their new place look charming while also keeping it modern and updated. Newer homes typically don’t have a lot of character in them since they were built so recently and most likely haven’t been lived in for long if at all.

If you find yourself moving into a modernized home but want to add a little bit of charm and class to the place, here are some tips.

If the home you are about to move into is still in the building process, speak with the builders and see if you can request certain features. For example, requesting something like exposed brick walls and stainless steel countertops can help create a rustic yet edgy appearance...


Important Information On Church Pews For Sale

Church steeple design

The history of the church is rich with details and interesting information. Some researchers have spent their lives studying religious texts and artifacts. The United States is a country that has long been dominantly religious. As of 2011, eight of the ten most religious states in the United States were located in the south.

Mississippi is the most religious United States state, with 59% of its residents reporting as very religious. Most cathedrals and great churches have a cruciform ground plan. While religion is incredibly popular, not everyone is well versed in the history of the Catholic church and church pews for sale. Here are some facts the history of church pews for sale:

A Brief History Of Churches and Church Pews For Sale

In the first three centuries of the Ea


Donating To Charity Is As Easy As Gathering Up A Box Of Old Clothes Red Cross Clothing Pickup Services

Fashion trends come and go. What may be uproariously popular one year may seem downright obsolete the next. You know what doesn’t fall out of favor, though?

Donating your used clothes to charity! This trend has only seen more and more growth over the years thanks to the hard work of everyday people like yourself, creating a better world piece by literal piece. Red Cross clothing pickup is a natural result of this development, providing countless families across the country a convenient and fast means of getting rid of those unwanted sweaters clogging up the closet. Even better? It’s as simple as grabbing a box and making a call.

Fashion and generosity…now that’s a match made in heaven. Let’s see what good you can do in 2018 by giving away your unwanted jeans, shirts and jackets.

How is America faring when it comes to the art of generosity? According to recent statistics we’re doing pretty darn well! Over 70% of Americans will donate to charity ea


Clothing and Household Items Donations Help Families Who Are Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Another Saturday. Another snow storm.

Another Saturday when yard work is out of the question.

As you and your family prepare for another cold April weekend in the midwest, you have decided that you might instead tackle some projects inside the house.

In fact, after Saturday morning breakfast together you convinced both your husband and your 16 year old daughter to listen to a podcast with you. Originally interested because it was a conversation about poetry, both speakers talked about living a life that was both intentional and authentic. Once they 20 minute podcast ended, the three of you sat and talked about the parts of the broadcast that stressed an importance to empathize in a more profound way in an effort to know what other people are feeling. All three of you decided that you were interested in doing a better job of noticing. Paying a different kind of attention to the way that you lead your lives and thinking about those who are less fortunate.
This conversatio


Random Facts On VA Home Loans

Mortgage broker

A recent survey was conducted amongst homeowners and their living situation. This has revealed that just about 59% of homeowners wish they understood the terms and details of their mortgage better. This stat points directly to how confusing the process of homeownership is especially when inserting VA home loans.

Even dealing with a conventional mortgage can be tricky and difficult. This is why it is important to understand your mortgage plan during mortgage planning and it is even more important to understand VA home loans. Home loans can be tricky and this is something that a lot of homeowners regret when getting involved with the home buying process.

Just about 31% of millennials looking to buy a home plan


What To Consider When Planning A Party

Dance floor rental nj

From renting a tent (and the tent accessories that go along with it) to table linen rentals, there’s a lot that goes into planning a party. The party planning process can be long and sometimes stressful, but if you know what you’re looking for, like a rental tent and tent accessories. Your party planning process will depend on a number of things, from the type of party that your planning to your budget to the number of guests that are invited and expected to attend. Any party with any number of guests on any budget can be a roaring success, however, if you plan it well.

The first part of planning your party is determining your budget and how to save money. One way to save money in the long run is to rent tables and


Do Your Vacation Rental Properties Need Furnishing? Consider Purchasing What You Need From Wholesale Furniture Suppliers

Condo furniture

Americans spend a considerable amount of money on indoor and outdoor furniture and bedding, which includes commercial grade mattresses. In 2015, for example, spending on these types of items was $102 billion. This amount is expected to further increase up until 2020.

If you’re curious about what in particular has been selling, Furniture Today stated that motion chairs were popular in 2009. These chairs, which include gliders, recliners, and swivel rockers, represented eight percent of the furniture sales at that time.

More recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a report on 2016 and 2017 furniture and home furnishings store sales. In June 2016, total sales were $9.27 billion. By June of the following year, however, these sales increased to $9.51 billion.

Many homebuyers want


Private Schools, Public Schools, and Everything In Between

Personal tablets

In the United States, private schools are absolutely on the rise. These types of schools are becoming more and more prominent every single year. There are plenty of reasons as to why this is happening and one could argue, it directly correlates to people discovering the many advantages of private schools.

The benefits of prep schools and the benefits of private school education are heavily weighed against the positives of public school attendance by parents every single year. This is because parents believe that the school that their child attends will have a huge effect on their children. This is not an easy decision and it is one that should be made with great patience and thought as opposed to r