5 Reasons You May Enjoy the Lifestyle in a New Home Community

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More and more people are opting to buy new, rather than existing, homes when they look for places in their ideal location. There are a number of reasons people are more interested in new homes for sale. As many as 34% of the homebuyers who go this route cite not wanting to deal with any problems with the home’s electrical or plumbing systems or because they want to skip worrying about renovations to the property. These are just some of the benefits. Other people say they like the idea of the lifestyle in a new home community and that this is one of the reasons they wanted to purchase a new home rather than go with one that has been lived in.

  1. You can get the exact style you want. When you look at homes for sale, you may find one that has the best kitchen and another that has a great master bed room and yet a third that has the turret you have always wanted. When you are looking at existing homes, you do not have a lot of say in the configuration or the style of the homes you look at. When you decide to go with a new home, on the other hand, you have a say in the style. It can perfectly reflect your personality because the style is not “baked in.”
  2. You can get what you really need. If you are a master, gourmet chef, you want your kitchen to have enough room. If you have four teenage girls, you may want to get more bathrooms than another family may need. If you have people in your family who have issues with mobility, it can be easier to put in features such as a ramp or larger doorways to help them maneuver a wheelchair or walker. These are things that are easier to work into the design and construction of a new home. Existing homes may need a lot of renovations to be ready for your family’s specific needs.
  3. You can have a home that is comfortable and lowers your carbon footprint at the same time. Newer homes come with a host of features that decrease the amount of energy they use. From a more energy efficient roof, to better windows and doors and a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system that is going to be more energy efficient. When you add to those features you energy efficient appliances, you will have a home that costs a lot less to run. The best part is that you do not have to sacrifice comfort. If you are buying a new home in a sunny state, say Florida or Arizona, you may be able to get a tax break for putting some solar panels on your roof.
  4. You know your home will be ready to move in when it is complete. Often when you buy an existing home, you have to do more work on it than you expected when you closed on the sale. If you have seen the movie, “The Money Pit,” you know how extensive the repairs or renovations may be to get the place to feel like your own home.
  5. You can have a hand in developing the community you want. When you buy a new home in a newly planned community, you are new to the area but so is everyone else. This is one of the real fun parts of the lifestyle in a new home community. Unlike existing communities where you are the newcomer, you can work with your neighbors to create the lifestyle in a new community that suits all of you. You and your neighbors are all in the same boat. This, in and of itself, will foster a sense of community and belonging for you and all of your neighbors. One of the most fun aspects of the lifestyle in a new home community is the ability to tailor it to the needs of the residents of the area.

The lifestyle in a new home community and ability to better shape your home to your needs are just a few of the reasons to buy a new home.

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