Is Your Home Stressing You Out?

nautical decor

Did you know that 47% of all Americans haven’t changed their home decor in five years? Simply making a few small changes to the way your home is decorated can greatly improve its look. Whether you plan on decorating just one room or doing a complete home makeover, updating the decor can add new life to any home.

Nautical decor has become a very popular decorating choice. Whisk yourself away to a nautical themed home and feel like you are out on the sea. Having a nautical themed room can transport a boring room into an at-home vacation.

Why is this important? Well, people spend more time at home than they might think. Studies show that 36% of people spend between five and eight waking hours in their homes, while 26% spend between nine and 12 waking hours at home. When you look at the statistics, that equals a lot of time spent looking at the same old decor.

Pirate decor is another popular theme, especially in children’s rooms. If you are in need of a theme for a boy’s room, pirate related home furnishings are a popular choice. A well-placed nautical wheel can make any boy feel like a pirate ship captain. Nautical decorations aren’t just popular for children, either. People of all ages love a nautical-themed room. A nautical clock is another great decor item to have. Checking the clock is a common part of how we spend our day, why not look at a clock that reminds you of a carefree life at sea?

Many men want their own special area at home, sometimes called a man cave. It is hard to find a better decor choice for your next man cave than a nautical theme. We all want to escape to our own beach, and nautical items can do just that. Captains clocks, life preservers, and seashells are just a few of the types of items you can add to a man cave inspired by a nautical design. You’ll always feel like the captain of your home after relaxing in a newly designed man cave, inspired by life at sea.

The decorations that you have in your home can greatly affect your mood. Depression is an ailment that most of us face in our lives. Did you know that not updating your decor can make you feel depressed? Only 20% of Americans state that they feel happy with their home decor. Making matters worse, 14% of Americans actually stated that their decor made them feel stressed out. Stress is something that you likely already have plenty of, why add more of it into your life? Consider eliminating stress from your life by starting with your home decorations.

The next time you walk through your home, think about the last time you’ve updated your decor. Chances are, it’s been a while since your decor has been updated. If you’ve felt a little blue lately, it could be because your home is in desperate need of an update. Nautical themed decor is a great design choice, as it helps to make you feel like you are out on the sea. Bring the vacation to your home and consider choosing nautical decor for your next interior design update.

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