An Easy Guide To Home Concrete Cleaning

Concrete driveways or floorings need to be cleaned and maintained to keep them stain-free. In the concrete cleaning process, you need to follow these steps:
– Do not use a pressure washer unless there aren’t any other options, since it accelerates the wear and tear of concrete surfaces.
– Choose a cleaner to suit your needs.

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– Do not use a metal bristle brush to agitate the cleaner on the surface.
– Sealing the concrete to make the cleaning process easier.

Concrete cleaners come in four types:
– pH neutral: mild, used for interior or lightly soiled exterior concrete.
– acidic: removes stains, dirt, rust, and efflorescence. These types are generally used for exterior concrete cleaning.
– alkaline: these deep degreasing cleaners also remove oil and other hydrocarbons. At times, these are used after an acidic cleaner to neutralize the pH of the concrete.
– enzymatic/bacterial: suitable for hydrocarbons, soil, starch, and protein stains that could be caused by bird or animal droppings, or mold.

It would be best to get in touch with supply stores and have them suggest the best concrete cleaning supplies to suit your needs.

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