Custom Walking Canes for the Elderly

A walking cane is a classic and well-known accessory that senior citizens often use, and due to their advanced age and chronic health conditions, seniors may sometimes have difficulty with walking, so custom walking canes and walking sticks can help them stay upright and get around under their own power. A walking staff is part of a very old tradition, as it is a simple and affordable fix for a common problem, and walking canes are known to have been used for many centuries around the world. Today, this tradition is alive and well, and there is certainly still a need for them; custom walking canes can be affordable, easy to carry around and store, and most of all, assist anyone who needs them with walking. It is often senior citizens who have the most need for custom walking canes, but durable canes can be helpful for others too, such as those who are recovering from a leg or foot injury or those who are prone to falling for other reasons.

The Elderly

It is common for the elderly to get assistance with walking, and devices such as canes, four-legged walkers, and even wheelchairs may be used for those who have limited mobility under their own power. What does the elderly population in the United States look like today, and why might they need a cane for getting around? The senior population in the United States is in the tens of millions today, and estimates show that the population may grow even larger within the coming decades, and those aged 65 and over may represent a significant percentage of the American population by the year 2050. Many elderly citizens are going through one or more chronic physical or mental conditions, ranging from dementia to osteoporosis to arthritis, and when these conditions cause physical symptoms, it may be necessary for an elderly patient to get custom walking canes, four-legged walkers, or other mobility solutions.

Statistics show just how often elderly Americans today struggle with their limited mobility. It is believed that every year in the United States, one in four senior citizens will suffer a fall, and similarly, every 11 seconds, a senior citizen is admitted into an emergency room because of such a fall. And among just over 50% of senior citizens, these falls take place at home, and since many elderly citizens live alone, they may need emergency contact methods to get help, and some commercial products are available to help them contact assistance as soon as they suffer a fall. Such falls can be dangerous, even if a person merely falls on their kitchen floor, since senior citizens have, generally speaking, weakened bones and muscles compared to younger adults, and a senior citizen who suffers a fall is likely to also suffer from a concussion, bruising, or even broken bones, and they may often struggle to stand back up under their own power. For this reason and more, custom walking canes can be bought to help keep a senior upright and safe.

Custom walking canes may vary length, material, and the foot. Some may have a metal foot at the bottom or may even have four feet for added stability, and the handle may vary in size and grip as well. Canes are useful both to prevent harmful falls, and to help the senior citizen walk in their everyday lives without resorting to a wheelchair. Many seniors today are using custom walking canes already. Nearly 4.8 million Americans today, or 70% of all mobility device users, are using a cane in everyday life, and this makes canes among the most popular American mobility devices. Among those aged 65 and over, 10.2% of the population use a cane, and among those aged 85 and under, to expand the age range a little, 40% of Americans use mobility devices such as canes, four-legged walkers, and more. There are alternatives to canes such as four-legged, wheeled walkers or wheelchairs, which do provide some advantages, such as the platform on a four-legged walker where a user may place shopping bags or a purse. But for those with minimal assistance needs, a cane is the best option, especially since canes are inexpensive by comparison and are easy to store.

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