Do You Know What Flowers Are Best Suited for Which Occasions?

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What Flower Shops Can Do For You

Flowers are beautiful gifts. While they may seem temporary at first, they express strong meanings and can be lovely to receive. Whether looking for a “thinking of you” gift, or something special to send someone special on Valentine’s Day, you can almost never go wrong with flowers. However, it is important to consider different arrangements for different occasions. You don’t want to be caught sending passionate red roses to your boss on Boss Appreciation Day, or innocently white flowers to your Valentine’s Day date. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide to help you pick out the best arrangements for different occasions.

What Types of Flowers To Get for Which Occasions:

  • Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is one of the leading holidays for fresh flowers and flower delivery. In fact, this holiday accounts for about a quarter of flower purchases made of all holidays — and roughly 35% of adults purchase flowers for this holiday. This holiday provides us with the unique opportunity to first choose an arrangement based on the favorite flower of the mom receiving the gift. In addition, pink and red carnations, along with daisies, are always a good choice. These flowers help to express gratitude and cheer, fitting sentiments for such an important person in our lives.
  • Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is another important holiday for flowers. People love to receive flowers on this holiday, even if it means sending flowers to themselves. Believe it or not, roughly 15% of women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day — and what better way to express your love for yourself! However, if you are visiting flower shops for a loved one, you can never go wrong with the classics. Red and pink roses express love and passion. Plus, you can incorporate other favorite options, such as orchids and lilies.
  • Funerals. When dealing with the loss of a loved one, it is always helpful to receive comfort in any form, including flower arrangements. They can even express hope and solitude when times are tough. In these situations, it is important to choose the right arrangement, whether it be a more muted and somber bouquet, or a potted plant. For funerals in particular, flowers expressing peace and comfort, such as blue and white colors, can be the perfect choice.
  • Birthday Flowers. Birthdays are yet another great reason to order from flower shops. It is always a safe bet to go with the favorite flowers of the person receiving it. This shows great thought and care in the decision, as it indicates to that person that you pay attention and know what they love. Such effort and thought can truly brighten up anyone’s birthday.

Picking out the perfect flowers may not be easy. But flower shops are always filled with experts who know the various meanings behind colors and types of flowers. They will always be happy to help pick out the perfect flower for the occasion. As two thirds of those celebrating Mother’s Day purchase flowers, spending more than two billion dollars annually, and as a third of all arrangements are purchased as gifts for others, flowers are clearly a great way to celebrate. Let flowers express your feelings and pick out a beautiful arrangement today!

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