Don’t Rush Home Design Projects! You Could Be Spending Hundreds on the Wrong Mattress

Memory foam vs spring mattress

The most important keyword in any interior design project is “research.” Taking the time to sort through popular home furnishing styles, to consult with a professional, and to design a workable home furnishing budget can make projects simple and enjoyable. Every homeowner is going to have their own ideas about the finished look of a room, and when it is time to redo the bedroom, picking the right mattress is extremely important.

Mattresses are made with differing levels of firmness, and if you know what to look for in a mattress, the chances are much better that you will be satisfied with the final product. Some people prefer a simple futon mattress on a wooden frame: having a mattress in place that can also double as a couch may work well for guest rooms. There are covers available for futons that are waterproof and that do not retain pet hair, so homeowners can ensure that their investment lasts for years.

In general, there is an incredibly wide range of home furnishing styles. Furniture stores can help with picking the right mattress. What are the advantages of memory foam vs spring mattress purchases? Can I find a mattress that is as firm as a futon? What kind of pillow fabric should I get to complement my area rug? Should I ever mix patterns? Furniture stores are used to these questions and can help home design enthusiasts figure out what would work best for their homes.

A simple retractable tape measure can help homeowners be certain that they are getting the properly sized furniture for their homes. In addition to measuring the dimensions of the area where the new mattress will be placed, homeowners should make sure to measure their doorways and the height of their window frames. Buying a mattress and bedroom set that blocks windows is never a good idea: furniture should fit snugly against a wall for visual appeal, and taking the time to measure — and write down — the dimensions of a room before purchasing new furniture is recommended.

After measuring a room’s dimensions, homeowners should make sure to conduct mattress firmness comparison tests in the store. There are some mattresses that start off extremely firm and then conform to the sleepers’ bodies over time, while others are built to retain their firmness despite daily use. Some mattresses are designed to deliver a combination of firm support and soft comfort, and furniture stores know exactly what to look for in a mattress. Describing any hip or back issues to the sales people can also help ensure that any mattress firmness comparison shopping is well worth the trip.

Of course, taking a trip to the furniture store for mattress firmness comparison tests is only the first step in determining which mattress is right for you. You also have to determine what kind of bed set you want to get: which kind of wood will match the walls and curtains, how many dressers and mirrors are needed, and which kind of furniture is the best investment overall. Experts advise looking for sturdy corners and joints, and for reinforced support under any mattress. Finding the right mattress is only part of the process of redoing a bedroom, but having a perfectly renovated bedroom makes all of the effort worthwhile.

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