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Baby nurse

Babies are constantly growing and evolving. And though children don’t remember much before the age of 3, due to what psychologists call “infantile amnesia,” the baby years of a human life are crucially developmentally as they are learning and growing each day. Baby senses, for example, grow at surprisingly rapid rates. Interestingly, did you know that a baby has around 10,000 taste buds, far more than adults. They are not just on the tongue but also on the sides, back, and roof of the mouth. Though, eventually these extra taste buds do disappear. Interestingly, however, in spite of these extra taste buds a baby cannot taste salt until it is 4 months old. The delay is likely related to the development of kidneys, which start to process sodium a few months after birth. A baby’s vision too is rapidly developing. A baby’s eyes are 75 percent of their adult size, however his or her vision is likely to be around 20 400. Though, by six months, a baby’s vision should reach 20 20. And did you know that a baby’s head is proportionally huge? It is approximately one quarter of the total body length, compared to only one eighth of the total adult’s length.

Overall, if you plan to leave your baby in the care of someone else, such as a baby nurse, you will want to hire a qualified, reputable, experienced professional. You can’t leave your baby with just anyone. If you are looking for a baby nurse atlanta you may want to use a baby nurse agency to help you find the right baby nurse. And keep in mind, if you have a newborn you may want to look specifically into a newborn care specialist to ensure your baby gets the proper care and nurturing. Overall, it is essential that you leave your baby in the care of a qualified, reputable professional, such as a baby nurse. Read more blogs like this:

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