Get a New Home Look With Old Home Charm

Modern lighting

Television shows on HGTV and DIY are changing the way people think about their homes. They take classic homes and give them a facelift, often fitting them with a modern living room furniture that match an old home feel. They also give viewers tips on how to look for contemporary bedroom sets that create that cozy, homey ambiance people want, for an affordable price. Businesses are also constantly looking for ways to redesign their office spaces to fit modern design standards, and about 30 percent of all furniture sales go to companies. With so many people looking for the right furniture for their home or office, it is no surprise that there are about 35,000 furniture businesses in America.

Local furniture stores display dozens of bedroom sets, living room couches and recliners. The isles are lined with modern sectional sofas and queen beds, illuminated using modern lighting to give shoppers and idea of what their room could look like. The beds are covered in brightly colored sheets and pillows, and matching dressers and nightstands are placed around the set. A customer often buys the bedroom set based on how the set comes together. Contemporary bedroom sets are simplistic by design and can be as little as $2,000. A more expensive set might cost about $5,000 and include more drawer space, or an extra dresser. Most stores give buyers a financing option, giving them more time to pay off pricy bedroom furniture or living room sets.

Homeowners can look at modern bedroom designs in magazines, online, and also on TV shows to give them an idea of what their house needs. Old furniture can easily be replaced without ruining the charm of the home. New construction can be fitted with the newest designs on the market, and give the house a modern feel. There are hundreds of design options open to homeowners and businesses who seek a modern look. Furniture sales is a $65 billion dollar industry, where a maximum 5 percent of the marketshare is held by any one company. With such a large interest in home remodels and contemporary design, it is safe to say that this industry will continue to boom. To learn more, read this:

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