Helpful Outdoor Family Party Tips

Planning an outdoor party for your extended family can be a fun yet daunting experience, especially if you’ve never planned an outdoor event. There are many helpful hints, tips, and advice online, like the ones mentioned in the YouTube video. An event like this may take a considerable amount of planning, depending on the theme and objectives of the event. However, it’s something anyone can master with practice.

Plan a Successful Event

You can start planning the food and refreshments if you have a confirmed headcount. Most family events include homemade lunches or dinners.

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However, you can outsource this function to a catering company if planning overwhelms you. If you’d like to add decorations but your budget is tight, you can always work with items inside your home. For example, if you have beautiful photos and photo frames, you can place them outside near the event tables. It makes it feel more homey.

You should consider your bathroom facilities and whether they’ll be able to cater to your number of guests. If you only have two bathrooms and 20 guests, it may be a good idea to consider portable toilets and place them strategically outside where guests can access them. A porta potty rental in Erie, PA may be able to assist you by dropping facilities at your home and collecting them when the function is over.


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