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Looking for ideas for projects to do at home with the kids? Stuck for cute ways to decorate your rooms? Suffering sticker shock at the cost of hiring designers and decorators? Why hire someone to do something you and your family can easily do yourselves, exactly the way you want it, and for ridiculously less money than the pros charge?

The Internet is practically bursting with DIY crafts for home decorating. Here are a few of our favorite categories and some suggestions for each.

1. PAINTING. Obviously your walls add the most color impact to your room, but texture can be every bit as effective. Use a sponge for that classic stucco look. Outline geometric patterns on a feature wall. and you can even tie in your 3D art as well. Branches of any shape and size can be painted any color of the rainbow and anchored in pots to give your palette depth and natural beauty.

2. WALL ART. Paintings and pictures can be cute ways to decorate your room, but try not to limit your imagination. Almost anything can be effective wall art. A cluster of empty antique frames can add modern elegance to any room. Wads of paint tinged tissue papers can be arranged in any pattern your mind can conceive. Even simple canvas frames in big block colors can draw the eye and liven up your world.

3. LAMPSHADES. Lampshades already stand out as a light source… why not make them really shine? Wrap your shades in translucent colors. Add tassels, baubles, or dangling crystals for extra sparkle. Or spend a day in the antique stores hunting for that perfect period piece.

Your style is your own. You know it better than any professional decorator ever could. Finding ways to express that style in your own home can be fun, freeing, and fiscally frugal. Let your imagination soar, and tell the world who you are.

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