Home Furnishings Reflect Who We Are Transforming Your Home To Usher In The New Year

Furniture defines us.

Think about the last time you visited a friend or family member’s home and looked at the things they own. Do the people you’re close to prefer modern styles or rustic furniture? Are they fans of color or prefer a minimalistic color scheme? These little details go a long way in informing who we are and making us feel more comfortable in our own home. When you start to look for boutique home furniture to breathe new life into your living spaces, these are the questions that will guide you.

Bathroom furniture, dining room furniture…it all adds up to a life you can be proud of.

Your Western furniture industry is a giant. Everywhere you look new trends are cropping up. According to recent statistics furniture and home furnishing stores generated $105 billion back in 2015. They also are projected to represent nearly 15% of all retail e-commerce sales. That area rug you’ve been thinking about is not just likely to come in more styles than you can count, but with great prices. There’s no need to keep putting off that incredible project of yours.

What do Americans want out of their furniture? Several studies have been conducted to figure out the unifying link. On average American consumers are willing to spend a little over $2,000 on a living room redecoration, with a Furniture Today survey finding 60% of participants stating they design a living room around the sofa. Boutique home furniture should all be cohesive, but there’s no harm in being spontaneous. You might be surprised with what you find.

Let’s keep exploring modern trends so you can get a good idea on what your next purchase is. Vintage furniture is extremely popular among American consumers, with nearly 60% of those surveyed by Furniture Today expressing a preference for this style. Another 70% of customers are also more likely to buy furniture with eco-friendly materials. Think reclaimed wood or reused textiles, such as cotton or wool. What speaks loudest to you, both economically and aesthetically?

It’s not just a new sofa or chair you can consider, either. Boutique home furniture certainly looks better when paired with flattering lighting. Good home lighting should be bright enough to reduce strain on your eyes, but soft enough to bring out colors, not obscure them. This means learning the difference between accent lighting and function lighting, as well as the energy-saving benefits of certain models. LED lights, for example, last longer than halogen lighting while offering up to 85% more light.

You don’t have to go all out with your boutique home furniture purchase and redecorate everything. Even a new set of area rugs or change in lighting can transform the look of your home. The back-to-school season remains the second-largest seasonal shopping period of the year, generating over $5 billion in furniture spending back in 2016. Casual Living reports that most consumers today expect their outdoor furniture to last for at least five years. Put all these statistics and trends together to come up with an answer that speaks to you.

Your home will thank you for it.

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