Getting the Right Preparations for a Wedding or Bar Mitzvah

A wedding is a major event to plan for, and there are many factors for the bride and groom, and their families, to juggle. For this reason, it is common to hire a wedding planner to manage all this work, and this may include how to rent wedding linen, wedding tent rentals for semi-outdoors ceremonies, renting a dance floor, silverware for the meal, catering, the photographer, florist, getting a religious figure involved (often a priest or rabbi), the guest list, and everyone’s outfits, among others. On the material side, the wedding reception meal takes a lot of planning, but a lunch or dinner for a wedding can be great fun for the guests and often involves dancing and either live music or a DJ. To rent wedding linen, a wedding planner or family can look online for wedding supply companies who provide such things, and for those who are planning a wedding in a large tent, party tent rentals can be managed as well.

Finding a Rental Service

The wedding planner or a family member may rent wedding linen from a reputable lender, and there some factors in mind when one is ready to rent wedding linen. For one thing, the quantity, material, and size of each wedding linen for the tables should be considered, as the wrong linens may harm the reception dinner’s aesthetic. To rent wedding linen, basic information about the reception lunch or dinner and the hardware involved should be on hand. This may include the size, shape, and number of all tables involves, and this means having accurate measurements of the tables, such as length, height, and more. With these numbers in mind, the wedding planner may also consider the material of the linens, which may vary in cost, texture, and appearance, and the material desired may be affected by the bride and groom’s budget and taste. Finally, a wedding planner or other party member may approach rental companies to find linens, and it is recommended that such a person only deal with quality rental companies that have a lot of experience in the business. The same may be said about caterers, florists, and other professionals who will contribute their wares to the wedding party. If so, quality linens will be found for a fair price whose size, appearance, and fabric will be just right for the reception lunch or dinner.

Rentals may be done for other aspects of the wedding, too. For example, a bride and groom may choose to have a large party tent used for the ceremony and/or the reception, and care must be taken so that a good tent is found. Companies may be found across the United States that sell tents, and the size, shape, and quality of these tents may vary. A bride and groom should first consider the number of guests involved and how much space the tables and chairs will need. This determines the square footage required for a tent, and this can eliminate many tents that would be too small or wastefully large. The tent should be looked over in person to find any maintenance issues, such as torn or worn out fabric that may be unsightly during a wedding. And of course, weather is an issue. On a very hot summer day, it may be impractical to have a reception in a closed-wall tent, as there may be minimal climate control, and the same may be true for a winter wedding. In those cases, an indoor ceremony and meal with HVAC services would be preferred. But fair weather, such as spring or early autumn, may be a great time for a tent.

The wedding meal will include silverware and plates, as well as drinking vessels. This is another area to consider for the meal. For very large guests lists, or if the event is semi-casual or totally casual, paper plates, plastic cutlery, and plastic wine glasses, as well as paper napkins, may be best. This can also save money on the budget; buying crystal wine glasses, cloth napkins, and metal cutlery for 250 guests can quickly throw off a wedding budget. Smaller guest lists may allow for more formal dining ware, however.

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