How to Choose the Best Home Windows

This video shows Sean Yahn, the CEO of American Windows Concepts, discussing why he supports Anlin as a top window product. The reason why he loves Anlin so much is that everything they put into the construction of their windows is high-quality.

He discusses that all vinyl is not the same. If someone says that it is, that is not true.

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Anlin uses titanium dioxide in their vinyl which is intended to repel any UV rays from the outside, particularly on the outside of the windows. If you see windows that have a powdery look on the outside or yellow color, it is because it is a bad quality vinyl.

They also use cardinal glass in their windows. Cardinal glass is the highest quality glass for windows. Their standard window with no additions is a triple low E argon flooded inside the glass. This is their standard glass in all windows. They come with a true double lifetime warranty. The window is going to be covered for life, and you will not have labor charges.

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