Is This My Dream House? How To Know If You’ve Found The One

Thomes for saleaking tours of a seemingly endless list of homes can be the most exhausting part about buying a house — until you find that perfect match. When you walk into a home and you suddenly feel right at home, that is a great sign. But how else do you know that it’s time to stop home shopping? If you have one or several of the following thoughts, it might be time to make an offer.

  • It Doesn’t Have Your Deal Breakers: Most buyers have a list of home features that they are absolute deal breakers for them. For example, if a home has a metal roof, ductless air conditioning, or dogs next door, you might not be interested. If you walk through a home and nothing raises any red flags, this is a great place to start.
  • You Can Imagine Your Personal Touches: You want to be able to picture a home containing your belongings, favorite paint colors, and art pieces on the walls. If you can envision how you would set up this space, that’s usually a sign that you feel comfortable inside.
  • The Home Sticks Out In Your Memory: When touring homes for sale, all the options might start to blur together in your mind. But you might notice that one particular home stands out. This could mean that it’s time to return to that home and consider an offer.
  • You Love The Area: A beautiful home in an area that you don’t like will only get you so far. This is why it’s important to listen to your thoughts when you love a home and the area it’s in. When you buy a house in a place that you like, you might be more likely to stick around for longer.
  • You Want To Stop Shopping Around: When you drive away from a home visit feeling a sense of completion, you might have actually completed your search. If you have no desire to look at another home for sale, that last home you looked at could be the one.

While you are browsing homes for sale, be sure to communicate your thoughts to your real estate agents. A recent survey found that 78% of home buyers considered their agent to be a very useful source of information. Their knowledge along with your instinct will make your home buying experience as successful as possible.

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