Baby Shower Gifts New Parents will Actually want to Receive

Types of bedding

Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Do you want to stay away from generic baby shower gifts like diapers and bottles? The new parents are likely to get a large quantity of these items, so they will appreciate the unique twist on the baby shower gift. These are some ideas that might help you step outside of the box and gift something entirely unique.

Baby photo frames and photo books

Many baby shower guests are focused on the practicality of having a new baby, such as diapers, towels, and bottles. While these items are important, they are not very personalized. The baby will use these items for a few months and eventually, they will be thrown out. If the parents are asked many years later what you purchased for the baby, it is unlikely that they will remember. If you want to give something that is more personalized and meaningful, consider gifting photo frames or a photo book. The new parents can use these items to organize photos of their new baby at each and very developmental milestone.

Organic sheets for the babies bedding

While some people remember to purchase baby bedding items, very few actually put extra thought into the gift. Babies tend to be more sensitive to strong scents and fabrics. This can affect their ability to sleep comfortably. When you gift organic sheets, you are gifting an organic bedding set that encourages sleep and that will not affect their sensitive senses. Sales of organic non food products in the U.S. were up 8.8% in 2016. As more and more consumers learn of the benefits of organic sheets and other bedding, this number will only increase more rapidly.

Organic baby clothes

Again, clothing is a common gift for babies. Yet, many people do not take the babies sensitivities into consideration. Babies are prone to rashes and allergic reactions, especially as the parents are learning what products they can handle and can?t handle. Organic baby clothes are the perfect gift for a newborn baby, allowing the parents to focus on other important newborn baby responsibilities. According to a recent poll, approximately 38% of 1,000 millennial shoppers said they would respond positively to environmentally friendly products. Chances are, the newborn parents will appreciate the organic baby clothing present.

Mattress pads and toppers

Newborn parents go through a lot of diapers. It will be years until the new baby is fully potty trained. In addition to going through diapers, this also means that the parents will be washing a lot of bedding. Eventually, this task can become tedious and overwhelming. A lot of mattresses will get ruined, unless they have a good quality organic mattress pad. A mattress pad makes for easy changing of bedding, allowing the parents to quickly change the bedding and encourage the child to go back to sleep. They will appreciate the ease of their cleaning duties.

Organic king sheets and bedding

Why would you purchase organic sheets in a king size for a newborn baby? You wouldn?t. You would purchase them for the new parents that are going to be deprived of sleep for many years to come. Seven to nine hours of sleep per night are what is generally recommended and most adults do not get this much. This is especially true of newborn parents. Although you might not be able to guarantee nine hours of sleep, you can gift the new parents with bedding that is comfortable and relaxing for those rare times they are able to lay down.

Most baby shower invitations come with a registry. You can purchase a generic gift off of this registry or you can go outside of the box, and purchase something that will be appreciated and used often. Gifting items like photo memory books and comforting bedding are amazing gifts for the newborn parents.

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