The Surprising Health Benefits Of Your Kids Playing Outside

It’s no question that physical activity helps to improve a child’s physical and mental health. Whether they’re outside playing tag, hide and seek, jumping rope, or swimming in their above ground pool, there’s a wide range of benefits of kids playing outdoors.

Children love to play, which makes it that much easier to encourage your kids to head outdoors and run around no matter the weather. However, in case your kids are just a little bit stubborn, here are some surprising benefits of playing outside:

  1. Stress relief
    Sitting in a classroom for eight hours a day can be stressful for kids of all ages. Playing outside in the yard or on a playnation swing set helps to reduce that stress, therefore improving their moods and reducing the risk of tantrums. According to a study by the University of Colorado, playing out in the yard is especially relaxing as green outdoor spaces have been proven to decrease stress levels significantly.
  2. Improves social skills
     Playing outside in the yard, on a playnation swingset, or in the pool helps to foster social relationships between kids. Kids who engage with others in unstructured play improve their communication and language skills. What’s more is that kids who play outdoors with others are more likely to build their own small community of friendships, which helps boost confidence and promotes healthy emotional outlets.
  3. Improves vision
     Outdoor play is obviously beneficial for physical fitness. Even swimming, which the average purpose does up to six times a year, helps burn a significant amount of calories. But outdoor play is also proven to reduce the risk of nearsightedness in children. A study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology discovered that children who played outdoors were 2% less likely to experience myopia.
  4. Improves levels of vitamin D
    Vitamin D deficiency can have a direct impact on a child’s health and can cause high blood pressure and depression later in life. Playing outside in the sun allows children to absorb vitamin D naturally. Let your kids run around in the sun or on their playnation swing set for a few minutes before applying sunscreen, which is important but can also block vitamin D from being absorbed in the body. The few minutes in the sun will help them get vitamin they need without the sunburn.

Physical activity is essential to the health of your children, but especially when it’s outdoor physical activity. Consider improving your yard with toys, playnation swing sets, or even pools from your local pool company to help boost your child’s desire to go out and have some fun.

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