Learn How You Can Help Wounded Veterans Charities

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Wounded veterans charities are designed to provide assistance to those that have served this country and came home with ongoing physical and mental issues. Military men and women who may not be able to work or fully care for themselves due to injuries that were inflicted during active duty.

Many of these charities raise money by running second-hand stores that sell used clothes, accessories, and household items. These stores are filled with donated items and are often staffed by volunteers, so that the majority of the profits can go to the charities, opposed to overhead and administrative costs.

To make it easier for people to make clothing donations, many of these charities offer donation pickup, as well as clothing drop off locations. The easier it is to make a donation, the more likely people will be to do it. Unfortunately, the majority of used clothes are still being thrown away instead of donated.

According to a recent survey, 10.5 million tons of clothing end up in landfills every year. This isn’t to say no one is donating. Approximately 4.7 billion pounds of clothing are donating each year, which is amazing and impressive. However, as long as usable clothes and textiles are being trashed, there is still room for improvement.

According to these survey results, Americans only donate roughly 15% of their used clothes. The rest they either throw out or hold on to despite the fact the clothes are no longer worn. Aside from being able to help wounded veterans charities, think of the environmental impact donating all our used clothes would create. That would be over 10 million tons not going into a landfill year after year.

In addition to helping those in need, supporting a worthy cause, and improving the environment, you can also get a tax deduction when donating your clothes to a charity with a 501(c) (3) tax exception under the Internal Revenue Code.

Under IRS rules, if you donate a single item that you claim has a value over $500, you will need to get an independent appraisal of the item in order to get the deduction. If your total donation it has a value over $250, you will need to get a receipt from the charity stating the donation. If your donation is under $250, you can claim it as a deduction without a receipt.

Another way you can help wounded veterans charities is by shopping at their resale stores
. While getting donations is vital to their profitability, without customers to buy the used clothes, the operation won’t work. Buying used clothes can save you a great deal of money while still allowing you to find the sizes and styles you love.

The first thing you can do is go through your closet and pull out all the clothes that don’t fit you or you just don’t wear anymore. Put them in a bag to drop off at a donation box or call to schedule a donation pickup. Next, you can head to your local charity resale store and browse for new pieces to add to your wardrobe.

By donating your used clothes and shopping at their stores, you can help support wounded veterans charities while also taking care of your needs. You’ll be clearing out clutter, getting rid of things you don’t need, preserving the environment, and saving money all at once.

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