Live Well, Live Long, and Live with Respect of Those Who Have Lived Longer

Day care for senior citizens

One goal that most mentally-stable human beings have in common is to spend as many years on this earth as possible. Everyone seems to be interested in more time, particularly when they begin to think that they may be running out of it. Isn’t the idea of a true fountain of youth a source of desire for basically everyone? And yet, we, as a society, seem to all too easily forget about those who have successfully navigated the trials and triumphs of life to be rewarded with old age. There is another sentiment that is widely shared, and it is the fear of dying alone. It is not fabricated out of thin air. Many members of older generations suffer from loneliness and a lack of eldercare resources. Do we really strive to live long just to be forgotten in our final years?

Shining the spotlight on those who might be forgotten
While we work hard to reach old age, too often ignoring those who have reached it, eldercare resources in some places remain minimal. Almost seven out of 10 Americans aged 65 and over are in need of long-term care. It is important to find the ideal housing situation, if not with family members, then in a proper assisted living community. There are several different types of senior housing options, all offering different eldercare resources and services. While some people need more care or attention than others, most residents in an assisted living community are largely independent, capable, and fully-functioning. Living in an senior care community not only provides good social opportunities, but there is also support available around the clock should it be needed.

Living long to live happy
Many cultures have traditions and deeply engrained manners that show how highly they regard older generations. To be sure, having lived a long life does entitle one to some special attention and a great respect. We strive to live long lives, but many people don’t give much thought to how happy those later years may or may not be. A life well lived, taking advantage of every opportunity, and cherishing the people close to you should find you quite content in the twilight of your life. So it might do us well to give a second thought to those who are in that stage of life and what they might be going through. Not only do older generations deserve respect, but there is so much to be learned from the experiences of the elder for the younger to digest and interpret.

Strive to live your best life. Live your healthiest, happiest life. And in striving to reach the longest life possible, maybe pop in to visit someone older, and take the time to try to see life through the lens of their experienced eyes.

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