Why Wait for Summer? Year-Round Grilling Can be Great for Your Health, Experts Report

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One of the most popular outdoor hobbies in America has nothing to do with sports and everything to do with food. Grilling, cooking out, grilling out, and barbecuing are all terms that backyard grill owners are familiar with: more than 95% of gas and charcoal grill owners report that they have used their grill to cook in the last 12 months. More than half of all grilling enthusiasts are willing to cook in any kind of weather, and report that they use charcoal and gas grills outside at any time of year.

Americans want to spend more time outside, relaxing and enjoying their backyards. More than 75% of all households that were surveyed in a recent study told interviewers that they intend to make a major purchase this year: a new grill, outdoor seating, backyard umbrellas, and hammocks. Looking for stress relief? Plant more trees, invest in a new gas grill or propane grill, and spend more time outside relaxing on your patio set.

Most people want to make their backyards more welcoming: having friends over, making a special meal for family or co-workers, celebrating major holidays and birthdays, and just spending time relaxing outdoors. A patio set can come in a variety of sizes, but sturdy, stackable benches are also an appealing option for many homeowners. Want to screen a movie outside? Just set up the benches and even an average-sized backyard can hold 20 people or more.

Taking care of a patio set is also essential. Outdoor fabrics and pillows should respond well to a mix of bleach and water, and should be dried outside. Patio umbrellas and retractable awnings should be closed in advance of a serious wind or rain storm to make sure that they remain in good condition, and grills should always be covered after use. Investing in patio furniture can also make your backyard the “go-to” place for parties and other family celebrations.

Some outdoor grill enthusiasts also invest in customized accessories: grill apron, chef’s hat, and even branding irons. Being able to press your own initials into any steak does have its appeal. Cooks also experiment with their grills: can they be used to smoke fish and meat? What kind of wood should I use to flavor my steaks? Should I wrap chicken in tin foil to steam it? Cooking can be entertaining, and experimenting with flavors and grilling techniques can be a great way to relax year-round.


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