Stop Having Boring Weddings and Use Your Creative Powers!

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People get married. If you’re reading this, then you might be one of those people thinking about getting married. If you’re reading this and you’re a fun person, then you also might be thinking about having a cool wedding, and not just an unoriginal, boring one.

You don’t have to get too crazy with your wedding plans, but it might be nice to try something a little more creative and avoid some of those infamous wedding cliches. Perhaps try handing out the bouquet, instead of just tossing it dangerously into the air with no regard for the safety of others! Okay, that one might be a little much. Here are some better ones:

Summer Wedding

OH EM GEE! Congrats on your wedding! I’d be so excited to go if I didn’t already have 97 other wedding invites that day. June always accounts for the most weddings of all the months (15%), but wouldn’t you love to have a snowy December wedding? I’m sure you can find some of the best destination wedding places that enjoy all the beautiful effects of Mother Nature.

Afternoon Wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding at midnight? No? Then you have never been to a cool wedding. Okay, maybe you’ve been to a cool wedding, but how great would that be? The overwhelming majority of weddings happen in the afternoon (53%), but think about the romantic first dance you can have at midnight when the snowflakes are blending in with the stars. A midnight wedding and winter snowfall! Yeah, I’m tearing up, too.


Both of these are too general to really be considered cliches. I suppose you could have an underground wedding to kind of avoid both. Try and find unique wedding places if you’re planning an outside wedding. If you want to stay indoors, look for unusual wedding venues. The best destination wedding places for you could be at a Miami wedding venue, hockey rink in Minnesota, or a vacant lot around the corner from the house you grew up in. This is your wedding and it can be whatever you want it to be.

Settling Because You Feel Rushed

The consensus is that it’s a good idea to book your wedding reception site at least a year in advance. Makes sense. Couples usually want to jump right into planning once they’re engaged, but don’t rush it! Really spend some time with your fiance and figure out exactly what kind of wedding you want to have. You might even find somewhere so original that the wait isn’t nearly as long as most reception sites.

It might be easier for your family and guests to attend more traditional weddings, sure, but remember that this is your special day. The best destination wedding places don’t have to have the fanciest cathedrals or the largest beaches, they just need you and your creativity.

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