Luxury Apartment and Condo Rentals Are a Major Part of the Rental Industry

Making a decision about all of the luxury condos for rent is harder than you might have imagined. With all of the rent prices being somewhat close you are forced to take a close look at the amenities included in each of the properties. Finding a way to compare a heated indoor pool to a on site grocery store, however, has been a challenge. The three different property management companies all seem comparable, so at least you know that you are making a choice from three very good situations.
Today’s Luxury Condos for Rent Offer a Variety of Onsite Amenities
From college graduates looking for their first job to retirees who are ready to move to a place that requires very little maintenance, there are a number of property options. In fact, given that there are as many as 42.58 million housing units occupied by renters in the U.S. means that there are always a number of available options. And while there are a number of reasons why people make the decision to rent, as many as 50% of the renter respondents in a survey considered renting a better choice for living within a budget and having less stress.

There are a number of reasons why people make the decision to rent and it is important to note that in today’s competitive market you do not have to give up amenities even when you make a decision to consider luxury condos for rent. Consider some of these facts and figures about the rental market and the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • 25% of rental residents in a survey indicated that they were renters by choice, which means that they prefer to live in an apartment rather than a house.
  • There will likely be 4 million new renters during the next decade, according to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies projections.
  • 53% of residents in a 2015 survey indicated that they tested mobile connectivity during their apartment tour. Although 98% report of these residents indicate that good reception is important, only 68% say coverage at their current community is great.
  • 60% of property managers cited that pools and fitness centers as one of their tenants’ top three most desired amenities, according to a recent Apartment Guide survey.

Finding the right rental property is an important part of moving into the world after after graduation. It can also be a part of making the transition later in life to living in a space that does not require lawn upkeep and snow removal an other maintenance tasks.

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