Most Common Causes for AC Repair

Learn about the 10 most common reasons why you may need ac repair. When your ac goes down, it can be frustrating and expensive unless you know what to look for. This video shows you the 10 most common reasons why your ac may not be working right.

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Before you call in the professionals to repair your AC, you can watch this video, create a checklist, and get to work. This video will help you diagnose your AC unit. It starts with the simple steps of checking to ensure that your unit is getting the power that it needs. Learn how to check the fuses to ensure they are working properly.
Some of the fixes listed here are very simple and something that most people can do on their own. If all the power checks pan out, it may be your capacitor that has gone bad. You can learn how to replace your capacitor by watching this video. The list of things you can check on your own is extensive and this video goes through all 10 of them. Watch this video to save yourself some money and some aggravation the next time your unit is unresponsive.

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