Plan Specific Homebuilders Understanding the Difference From Other Types of Builders

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If you’ve begun the process of searching for a new home, you have probability asked yourself, “what is a plan specific homebuilder?” A common question, it is important to understand the differences between different types of builders. With this understanding, you can be sure that you choose the right homebuilder for your perfect home!

Home designs
can range from being personalized for the buyer, to completely customized. And different builders tend to specialize in the different types of homes. But which types of homebuilders specialize in which designs? To answer that question, here is a quick guide for all the homebuyers out there!

Understanding the Different Types of Homebuilders

Plan Specific Homebuilder

A plan specific homebuilder builds homes that are often personalized for the buyer. To this end, they purchase a large plot of land and divide it into smaller plots on which they design and build homes. These developers are capable of building a high volume of houses and generally use a model house during development. In addition, they can build all types of homes, from single family homes to condominiums. Some builders are even able to include personalized features for buyers!

Spec Homebuilders

A spec homebuilder is very similar to a plan specific homebuilder. However, the biggest difference is that these homes are generally semi customizable. Because the developer only purchases one plot of land at a time, builds the home, and then sells it, many buyers are able to purchase it early in the process. They can then work with the homebuilder to ensure specific features are incorporated. Generally speaking a spec developer will have completed the floor plan before the buyer purchased the home. And, because homebuyers are willing to pay more for central air conditioning and new kitchen appliances, they can discuss these options with the homebuilder.

Custom Homebuilders

The third and final type of homebuilder is the custom homebuilder. These developers build fully customized and unique homes, but only build a small volume of houses. The homebuilder will work with the homeowner to design the perfect home, incorporating special and one of a kind features. However, it is important to note that these homes can range widely in size and price.

Whether you want a fully customized home or one that focuses on small personalizations will come down to your needs and current situation. Only about 10 percent of buyers purchase a home that is priced more than $500,000, indicating a need for affordable housing. With a plan specific homebuilder, buyers can ensure that their home is both affordable and personalized to their needs.

If you’re in the market to purchase a home, it may be a good idea to determine what type of homebuilder to work with. By making this decision first, buyers can ensure that they are looking in the right place for the perfect home!

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