Preserve your memories and your loved ones with a memory quilt

Losing a loved one is a traumatic time for everyone. When someone we love leaves we do everything we can to hold onto that person. While memoriam tattoos and holding onto their items can help comfort us, sometimes these things just are not personal enough. One of the new trends that are coming to the front fold now are bereavement quilts. These quilts allow their owners to hold onto the memories of their lost loves long after the days have passed that they have said goodbye. Memory quilt patters can commemorate those we love with little pieces of them that we can hold close when we miss them most. If you or someone you love has lost someone and you have a pile of their things that you aren’t sure what to do with, consider sending out their items to be turned into memory quilt patterns.

What is a bereavement quilt?

A bereavement quilt is a custom quilt that is made in honor of a person who we have lost. These quilts are in loving memory and hold many of the items that once belonged to the person who is no longer here. They are handmade quilts that hold sentiments that once held some sort of value to those who are now lost. Many of these memory quilt patterns are made up of blankets, tee shirts, and other items that once belonged to the loved one who is the subject matter of the quilt.

Who are these memory quilt makers?

A study that was conducted in 2014 showed that 21 million people quilt. They have put their heart and soul into the items that they produce. All memory quilt patterns have so much thought and care that go into them all. These are individuals who know that the items they are making will be items that comfort their receivers for years to come. These quilt makers know the importance that is being placed within these quilts.

Where did these ideas come from

For years people have been making quilts. In fact, the oldest quilts can even be traced back to Egypt and China where three layers were stitched together in order to keep individuals warm. Now, years later, quilting has evolved to turn into something that is used for memories and heirlooms.

These custom memory quilt patterns are quilts that should be considered the next time you have a loved one that is looking for a memory that they can hold onto. These bereavement quilts are a beautiful twists on memories that can be held onto and carried on for generations to come. Take a look at a quilt maker and decide if these custom memory quilts are the things that you need in your home to hold onto your loved ones.

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