The Absolute Best and Worst Mulch for Your Garden

The well-being and the outlook of your garden heavily depend on the mulch. Pine straw is undeniably the best mulch for your garden. It is solid and stays in place without being washed away. It decomposes slowly to release vital nutrients into the soil. This mulch preserves ground moisture and prevents erosion, keeping your garden perfectly healthy.

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You can find it at any mulch store.

Pine bark mini nuggets mulch follows closely. The dark brown color is perfect for landscaping. It adds texture and color while preserving and nourishing the soil while decomposing. It keeps the ground moisturized and does not wash away. It is the absolute best mulch for containers when you want to prevent the soil from splashing.

The shouting color of Cyprus mulch is an absolute turn-off even though it shares some of the qualities of pine. It is too bright and will scream when you spread it in your garden, but it is not the worst. The red-dyed mulch is worse. Apart from the color, it is not even natural wood. Spreading it in your garden is an eyesore, but it is still better than rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is the absolute worst at the mulch store.

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