The Benefits of Choosing “Mission Style” Furniture For Your Home

Decorating a new home or redecorating your current one is always an exciting time. It’s a new building, a clean slate to be decorated in any way you wish; it’s the ideal time to choose a new style of living room furniture or bedroom furniture and create a new look. In fact, almost forty-eight percent of homeowners planned on redecorating their homes in 2018. When looking for that new style of furniture and accessories to go with it, consider going with the “Mission style” of furniture. Also known as the American Craftsman style, the design evolved from an art and design movement that emphasized high-quality craftsmanship and simple forms. The movement had its first heyday from the late 19th century through the 1930s but its experienced a revival several times and remains quite popular. Here are three benefits to choosing mission style furniture for your home.

-High quality craftsmanship: Mission style furniture, by its nature, is handmade and put together with the highest level of craftsmanship. For example, by selecting mission style tables to decorate your living room, you’ll have something unique to accent larger pieces of furniture like your sofa. In a survey, almost 60% said their living room would be designed around a sofa, so it would be important to choose unique furniture pieces to go around it. Mission style furniture is also known for using locally sourced materials, so you would have pieces made in the U.S. as opposed to some place overseas.

-A natural style: While simpler than other furniture styles, the mission style is also known for incorporating nature themes into its designs. For example, many hand-knotted mission rugs can feature leaves, flowers, sometimes a combination of both, in simple designs that spread across the material. These rugs, like the mission style furniture, are handmade with no machines involved, which means each one will be completely unique, the perfect accent for a bedroom or a living room; they could be paired with simple bedside tables and provide a simple accent. And the benefit of a nature theme is that it’s simple and can fit into any type of home without clashing with pre-existing features.

-Neutral tones: Another feature of the mission style is its emphasis on neutral colors. Many in a 2017 survey said they would use a neutral color palette when they re-decorated their homes. With unassuming, natural colors, mission style furniture is ideal for indulging in a neutral color palette. A mission style bedroom set, for example, would be perfect as it is handmade with natural woods that avoid overly rich colors.

In conclusion, mission style furniture is ideal for decorating your home. It features handmade furniture with a high degree of craftsmanship that’s also made from local materials. Because the mission style puts an emphasis on being handmade, it guarantees owning unique tables and other furniture pieces. Accessories such as hand-knotted mission rugs feature nature themes that can compliment any decorative style. When the time comes to re-decorate your home, remember to go with the mission style.

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