The Best Lawn Care Tips to Ease You Back Into Spring and Summer

Spring is finally here! And what better way to let this season settle in our home than by taking care of our lawn. Moreover, these are some crucial tips for the best lawn care.

Sharpening the lawn tools

For good lawn care, you’ll need the best gardening tools available. Remember to sharpen the blades and clean each gardening tool.

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Soil testing

If you want to do soil testing, keep in mind that you must do it before you start cleaning up your lawn.

Spring seeding

Spring is the right time to give your lawn a makeover, which is a good reason why you should consider seeding a new part of your backyard.

Overseeding your lawn

If your lawn has suffered from the harsh temperatures of the winter, then overseeding your landscape and covering the bald spots in your grass could be the way to go.

Don’t forget the fertilizer

An important for lawn care is using the right fertilizer at the right time. Keep a keen eye on what type of fertilizer you need by doing soil testing on your lawn.

For more information about lawn care and gardening, please watch our informative videos about these topics.


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