Three Ways to Ensure Your Baby Sleeps Tonight

Waterproof mattress protectors

Becoming a new parent is both one of life’s greatest blessings and one of its greatest challenges. Babies are helpless and need as much care as possible. Making sure your child has enough nutrition, attention, and love are key to their health and development. But just as important is making sure they get proper sleep, and enough of it. The amount of sleep newborns receive each day can range from 11 to 18 hours. It’s generally recommended that newborns get about 8 hours of sleep during the day broken into three naps, and 8.5 hours through the night.

But how can a parent ensure their newborn child gets enough sleep, and that they’re sleeping well? Aside from proper nutrition, the best way to give your child the best sleep is to give them the best bed (or crib in this case). Here are some methods and items for your baby’s bed that will maximize comfort and minimize hassle.

Baby Crib Size Matters

Babies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, the differences are typically minimal enough for there to be two main crib sizes that are suited for just about every baby imaginable. These are standard cribs and mini cribs. Standard cribs are the larger of the two, with dimensions of 28 by 52 inches, and are typically stationary cribs that allow enough space for most babies.

Mini cribs, as their name suggests, are smaller with dimensions of 24 by 38 inches. These cribs are usually cheaper since they’re smaller, and many are portable as well, meaning the baby can be moved while inside the crib from one area to another. Some parents who can afford it opt for both a standard and mini crib. The standard crib is used for nighttime sleeping while the mini crib can be used for napping on the go. For larger babies, mini cribs might not provide ample space for a comfortable sleep, however. And since these cribs are different sizes, different sized mattresses and baby crib sheets are necessary.

Waterproof Sheets for Baby Bottoms

A major part of parenting a newborn is cleaning up after them. Babies don’t mean to be inconsiderate, they simply go when they need to go, and so it’s best to be prepared at all times. While it’s usually easy enough to change a diaper and clean your child during the day when everyone is awake, there’s always a chance the baby might wet the bed during the night.

One way to protect the baby’s sheets and crib is to invest in waterproof sheets for baby boys and girls. These sheets can be washed and reused several times. In addition to waterproof sheets for baby boys and girls, disposable mattress protectors are another worthwhile investment to keep your child’s sleeping area clean and sanitary.

Hypoallergenic Pillows and Pillowcases

We’re all susceptible to those common allergens like dust and dander, but newborns are especially vulnerable to them. This is why it’s a good idea to get them hypoallergenic pillows and pillowcases. Hypoallergenic means anti-allergen. The materials in these pillows and cases helps keep away harmful allergens, allowing a better night’s sleep for your child.

Hypoallergenic sheets and mattresses are also an option. If your baby is particular susceptible to allergies, it’s wise to go all out and protect the entire sleep area from potential allergens. Still, getting hypoallergenic pillows and pillowcases are a good start, since most allergens enter in the mouth, nose, and eyes, which are all located on the pillow area.

Ensuring your newborn gets enough rest is crucial to their well-being and development. By giving them the most comfortable, sanitary, and safe sleep situation, your child will sleep better and longer. This will result in a healthier, happier baby, meaning less stress for you and whoever else is caring for your child. Remember that getting the right sized crib is important, and implementing waterproof sheets for baby boys and girls as well as hypoallergenic pillows are all great ways to help your child sleep well.

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