Tips for Creating Summer Flowers Arrangements

Summer flowers are generally easy to take care of while blooming beautifully. Creating floral centerpieces for the summer can really brighten up the room and add a pop of color to any room. Let’s go over some tips for making floral centerpieces for the summer.

You always want to start with a nice, shimmery bowl or vase for a floral arrangement. A clear glass will allow your beautiful blooms to be seen in full, and it adds a level of freshness to your decoration.

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For picking your flowers, opt for a summer flower. Orange mums, petunias, sea hollies, zinnias, and gaillardias; these are all summer options that will add a colorful bloom to your rooms. Peach, lavender, and orange colors will do well bundled together inside of a crystal container. Using waterproof tape to keep a proper arrangement of your choice will help so that a flower does not come out of its bundle. Think about adding a piece of foam at the top of your arrangement to hold your flowers in place, and consider adding more greenery beside the flowers to add lushness.

For more detailed steps on arranging summer flowers arrangements, check out the video we have linked above.


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