What are HVAC Contractors Really Installing? Take a Look!

A furnace installation should be done by professional HVAC contractors. While it is possible to DIY, the video shows that the installation of a furnace is not a straightforward process.

The furnace room is usually located in one corner of the basement.

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The supply and return ducts run from the closet across the room to the location of the furnace.

Depending on the size of the house and the speed of the HVAC contractors, the laying of the ducts may take a day or less.
Once the ducts are installed, the next step is to set up the furnace. This is the job of an expert. The installation of the furnace components must be in the correct order and the correct way.

Good HVAC contractors will have a checklist that guides the installation to ensure all the details are taken care of.

Some contractors will work with a partner depending on the size and complexity of the installation.

Go easy on the contractors when they stop for a lunch break. HVAC installation requires a lot of heavy lifting and is best done on a full stomach.

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