What Are Lift Chairs?

When we get older, sometimes being able to get up from a seated position is difficult. Luckily, lift chairs are available to make this easier for you. Keep reading to learn what lift chairs are.

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Lift chairs are designed to assist you in getting from a seated position into a standing position. They have a leg lift for comfort as well as for managing some medical conditions and they have a backrest that reclined with the push of a button.

When considering lift chairs, there is an option of the single or dual motor.

As the name suggests, a single motor runs off one motor. This means when the leg rest raises, the backrest reclines at the same time. Single motor lift chairs are easier to operate since there are only two buttons on the control.

Dual motor lift chairs operate with two motors. These dual motors allow independent movement of the leg rest and the backrest. This means a greater range of positioning can be achieved since you can adjust each independently. Having two motors does mean more buttons on the control which can be confusing for some users.

To learn more, watch the video above!


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