What Are Some Basic Embroidery Tips

In this video, you will learn the basic tips of embroidery and how to use needles and stitches. The embroidery tips that are shown in the video are basic technique, running stitch, backstitch, and chain stitch.

The basic technique shows how to manage the strands by ensuring no knot is formed while separating the strands. All you have to do is separate the three strands in two fingers, and the other three strands in the other two fingers.

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Now, pull gently in the opposite direction and the strands will be separated.

To make the running stitch, simply prepare your cloth and bring the needle from the bottom of the cloth. After it, insert the needle from the above side of the cloth to the downside of the cloth and keep running the stitches like that.

For the backstitch, you have to start like the running stitch but instead of running, you have to insert from the back near the previous hole. In this way, the back stitches will be done.

For chain stitch, you have to start like the backstitch and running stitch but instead of going forward, you have to put the needle back near the starting point and make a loop of thread. Now, bring the needle from the bottom to the above side by entering the cloth and entering it in the loop. It will become like a chain. To understand everything in detail, watch the full video.


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