6 Ideas For Remodeling Your Teenager’s Bathroom

When a child grows up, they start becoming interested in more grown up things as well. You’ll probably begin noticing that your child is becoming mature because they’re interested in getting rid of her stuffed animals, or swapping out their childhood toys for music and cool clothes. As a young kid begins to become a teenager, they’ll inevitably start wanting their decor to change as well. This will typically begin with their bedroom, but if your child has his or her own bathroom, they’ll inevitably want to change that as well. Having her own bathroom is a privilege for young girls, and one that your child would of course appreciate greatly. Teens need their space and privacy. When a teen has their own bathroom they’re able to keep their cosmetics, toiletries, and hair products — which will inevitably accumulate during their teen years — somewhere organized and easy to reach. But not every bathroom is the right place for a teenager. You might want to make some alterations that will better accommodate your child’s wants and needs, but that will require looking up cute teen bathroom ideas.

Just because a remodeling project is meant for teens doesn’t mean that it’s any less of an undertaking. Though about 35% of all home remodeling projects take up the whole home, it’s still a big deal to remodel a bathroom. The thing about remodeling for teenagers is that while the decor and other aesthetic details may be designed to accommodate a teen’s interests, the basics parts of the renovation remain the same. You’ll need the same hardware & tools for a teen’s bathroom remodeling job as you would for an adult’s. With that being said, you should talk to your teenager about what they’re interested in before making any purchases. Still, there are some basic cute teen bathroom ideas to keep in mind; because even if this bathroom belongs to your teen, it’s still your house. You’re allowed to make some changes to ensure that their bathroom is presentable and attractive! Let’s look into some of the factors to keep in mind when remodeling a bathroom for a teenager.

1. Graffiti Design

One of many cute teen bathroom ideas that you should consider is a graffiti design. Graffiti is not the first thing that many would think about for a bathroom, but it’s definitely a stylish option that many teens would love, giving them just a bit of an offbeat edge. The great thing about graffiti is that it would fit either a boy or a girl’s bathroom. It’s definitely an option that you would want to discuss with a child ahead of time, but you might want to consider adding it to your list of possible design plans. Of course, designing a teen’s bathroom isn’t just about designing a particular look. It’s also about making sure that the bathroom is properly outfitted ahead of the decor. This is further something you should map out with your local plumbing company, which should definitely be a part of any bathroom remodeling project. There are issues that you wouldn’t even think of before discussing them with a plumbing company; just try to make a list of everything that you would have questions about ahead of time, and take it from there.

Before moving ahead with any kind of cosmetic design regarding your teen’s bathroom, you should first think about taking care of any existing issues. A clogged sink would definitely put a wrench in your graffiti-themed design ideas, as would a faulty toilet or cracked tile. All of these factors should be considered as you plot out your bathroom remodeling plan. A graffiti design in particular will involve either a serious paint job or wallpaper, and either way that will be difficult to maintain if your bathroom hasn’t been redone recently and therefore may suffer from water damage. For every one of the cute teen bathroom ideas that you have in mind, all of them need to be supported by practical repairs first.

2. Diffusers And Dehumidifiers

Teens, of course, are interested in modern and interesting bathrooms; but how do you get them there? For the most part, it takes just a bit of ingenuity and some fun ideas to take a bathroom from drab to amazing for teens. While we mentioned one idea above that would take some serious decor overhauling, you can also choose some smaller, less intense decor options to up your teen’s bathroom game. For example, a portable essential oil diffuser is a great idea for girls in particular. The awesome thing about essential oil defusers is that they’re easy to use, and it’s particularly easy to switch out essential oils in order to change up the scents that they release. Essential oils are also theorized to have mood benefits, especially when you use oils like lavender or peppermint.

If your teen would like their bathroom to have better air quality without the scents produced by essential oil diffusers, you might want to think about a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers should be considered among the best cute teen bathroom ideas, as they not only produce a higher air quality that is simply healthier for teens to breathe; they also help lower the humidity that inevitably builds in a bathroom following a shower. Just like essential oil diffusers, they’re easy to use and can simply be set aside in the bathroom and forgotten.

3. Toiletries As Accents

A teen’s bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to be off the wall; many people find that some of the best cute teen bathroom ideas are fairly simplistic, and in fact, teenagers don’t ask for a lot in terms of decor in general. But you can add little pops of color and interesting accents through the basic toiletry pieces that your teen will have sitting around anyway. For example, the bathroom could have a general white or black color scheme, but the lotion dispensers feature a bright pop of color. It’s a great way of taking care of things that are necessary, while at the same time adding some level of design.

What can you do otherwise to be creative about design? There are plenty of other things to consider. You can add an extra bit of trim to your teen’s bathroom mirror, or for that matter use bright colored containers for your dental care components. Your toothbrushes and floss can be kept in a stand that contrasts with your bathroom’s decor, giving a brighter appearance overall with just a small flourish. The bathroom towels, bathmat, and shower curtain can further be changed to create something of a more unique design aesthetic without spending too much.

4. Extra Storage Containers

Just because something is among cute teen bathroom ideas doesn’t mean that it can’t be practical. You should also think about adding cute storage containers that will accommodate your teen, whether they’re looking to store their toiletries or their laundry. One of the things you may want to consider is a monogrammed hamper, or perhaps a stacked container for their belongings. Another one you may want to think about is a simple laundry bag that your child can easily transport to your home’s laundry room. Not only does this add an extra detail to your home’s decor; it also gives an additional layer of practicality.

Now, your teen’s bathroom may have limited storage availability. But you can make accommodations by adding hangers to your bathroom door, some of which can include hanging shelves. If your teen’s bathroom doesn’t naturally contain a lot of storage space, you may want to eschew some cute teen bathroom ideas for a sink with cabinets underneath or a mirror that swings open to reveal shelving space. This is another thing you may want to consider discussing with your teen before you make any final financial decisions. Their input is important, and you need to think about what they want and what they need at the same time. It’s a tough balance, but combining the two will ultimately result in a happier teenager!

5. Fun Countertops

Now, consider the fact that while you know that countertops are an important part of a bathroom, your teenager probably won’t care about them all that much. When reviewing cute teen bathroom ideas, your teenager may very well not care much about the type of tile or granite that covers their countertops. But you should still try to engage them and take their opinions into account. What colors do they like? If they had to choose a finish, which one would be the best for them? Now, conversely, your teen may care quite a bit about color schemes. But either way, you’ll be the one ultimately making the call about something as basic as the countertops; it’s just a bit more fun to make it something of a collaboration.

One of the things to consider very strongly when choosing countertops is making them stain resistant. Now, teenagers are growing up, and some of them are certainly more mature than others. But ultimately, teens tend to be a bit messier than adults. You may want to consider investing in quartz countertops within your child’s bathroom, as quartz tends to be the most stain resistant countertop material. Furthermore, you may want to consider teaching your teenager how to clean their countertops on a regular basis. Though you don’t necessarily need to demand a daily cleaning, it’s still a good idea for you to begin a good cleaning routine with your teen if you’re going to renovate their bathroom.

6. Consider A Bathtub

A shower is convenient, whereas a bathroom is luxury; really, there’s nothing inherently luxurious about a bathtub, but it is much more relaxing than a shower. Therefore, you may want to think about installing a bathtub for your teenager in their bathroom. A bathtub does take up a good bit more room than a standing shower, and definitely requires certain types of plumbing. But it’s also a cool, grown up addition. For that matter, there are many different options to consider. For example, you could choose to go with a combination shower and bathtub, therefore not missing out on the convenience of a shower. This will obviously be the right choice for most teens, as they’ll need to shower quickly some days to leave for school. But others might like the idea of a vintage clawfoot tub.

Another benefit of overhauling the bathtub is that, at some point or another, you will probably need to replace it anyway. By timing a necessary bathroom replacement with a renovation that you’re doing anyway, you can knock out some cute teen bathroom ideas while at the same time taking care of a bathtub replacement that you would need to handle either way. After your teen is done with this bathroom, you’ll probably use it as a secondary or guest bathroom anyway. You’ll want it to be in the best shape possible so that once your teen grows up and moves out you can easily convert your bathroom into something that everyone can appreciate.

Really, renovating a teenager’s bathroom is in large part about balance. You need to think about what your teen wants, to be sure. But you also need to consider what you want and need as a homeowner. While it may be tempting to go all out, as you would with aforementioned fun ideas like a graffiti bathroom, if you plan on putting your house on the market in a few years you may not want to commit to that; or if you do, commit through something easily removable like wallpaper.

On the other hand, as much as you’ll want the bathroom to be something that everyone can appreciate, you should also remember that this bathroom is meant to be appreciated by your teenager. You want to incorporate their opinions, and give them something that they will really get something out of. This should be a fun collaborative process for the two of you. Feel free to let them be creative (within reason) while you back up the practical aspects. After all, you’re only a teen once!

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