Beautiful Glass and Mirror Installations Without Unsightly Hardware

After you’ve taken the effort to find a beautiful glass or lovely mirror to hang in your home, you need to fasten it securely to your wall so it can be displayed. However, while adding hardware might hold the piece firmly in place, it can look harsh and detract from the look of your decor. Follow this process for glass and mirror installations that are more discreet than harsh hardware.

First, remove your piece from its packaging and lay it on a flat surface with the back facing up.

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Next, apply painters’ caulking in small dots around the perimeter of the piece. This is the same adhesive used to fasten casing or baseboards to walls, so you know it has the strength to hold up over many years.

The next step is to make measurements to determine where on your wall you want your item to hang. This is especially important with mirrors where you want to see your reflection. Now you are ready to stick your piece to the wall. Use painter’s tape to hold the mirror in place until your caulk dries. Let it dry overnight, and then you can remove the tape and clean any smudges off your piece.

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