Garage Door Repairs for Rotted Posts

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If your garage door post is rotting, then you are in need of garage door repairs. This video demonstrates how a contractor replaces the garage door post.

The first thing to do is measure the rotted post at an angle. This will give you the length that needs to be cut for support planks that the contractor installs while he is removing the rotted post. It prevents the door from collapsing and causing serious injury.

Next is to take off the superficial wood on the doorpost and inspect the severity of rot. In the video, the post is rotted at the top and at the bottom, so the contractor needs to replace the entire thing.

To accomplish this, the contractor uses a reciprocator saw to cut out the post entirely. He deftly cuts along the height of the post and then pulls out the entire beam. The post was installed directly into the ground, allowing for dirt and moisture to make the post vulnerable to carpenter ants over time.

The contractor fills the hole with concrete and then installs a metal post base that will attach to the new post. This way, the post isn’t compromised by the elements underground. Finally, the contractor installs a new pressure-treated post and the job is done!

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