How a Concrete Patio Company Resurface a Patio

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If you have a regular concrete patio that works well but is lacking in aesthetic value, a concrete overlay can be used to decorate it. This video shows how a concrete patio company installs the decorative overlay to make a regular patio look like slate.

The first step is to pressure wash the patio to remove dirt, grime, and mold. If there is any paint underneath these layers, it needs to be ground off with a hand grinder. Next, the company acid etches the concrete to prime it for the new layer of concrete.

The acid is washed away, and the concrete is mixed together. The material is poured on the ground and spread across the surface with a Magic Trough. Another worker stands by with a water hose or pump spray to wet the concrete while it’s being spread.

To start designing the pattern, a line is run across the middle of the patio. This line is what the rest of the design is built around. There’s no measuring, just placing in lines to make squares for a nice slate pattern.

When the pattern is complete, a darker great concrete is mixed and then sprayed onto the concrete. The spray only covers about 50% of the surface and then is spread across with a hand trough. The mix is left to cure for an hour, and then the tape is removed, leaving a beautiful new pattern.

For more information, click on the link to the video above.

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