How Do I Install Recessed Ceiling Lights?

Recessed ceiling lights can be a key element in the function and style of any space. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old one – you need recessed ceiling lights. This video will show you how to install them to improve the quality of your space.

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The first step is to plan where to fit the light. Generally speaking, you should fix the lights six feet from each other. However, if your room cannot accommodate such spacing, adjust the calculations but ensure the lights don’t end up sitting too close to each other.

Once you’ve done the planning, choose between standard or insulation-compatible (IC) lights. Be advised to go for the latter, since standard recess lights overheat when you surround them with insulation. With the lights in hand, get the housing and start the installation.

As a safety tip, ensure you’ve switched off the electricity at the circuit breaker. Start by ensuring that the lights will not overlap a joist, and locate and mark each of the joists in the room so you can avoid them. If you are doing installation between two floors, allocate eight inches above the ceiling to accommodate the mounting hardware. That should do it for the recessed ceiling lights installation.


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