What to Know Before Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Planning a wedding is far from easy. In fact, a lot of people attest to it being one of the most stressful periods of their lives. The pressure for everything to be perfect or end up an embarrassment is unimaginable. Trying to work with outdoor wedding venues adds a whole new level of variables to account for, from weather to pests. Be sure you’re prepared for anything before committing to your location.

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Tackling the job of planning often falls to one of the two in the new happy couple. Private planners are expensive at a time when you’re already spending so much between a ceremony, a reception, a honeymoon, and of course, starting a new life together. One of the options the woman in the video brings up is hiring a day-of planner. This is a much cheaper option than having someone handle the entire planning but takes the management out of your hands on the day that’s supposed to be yours.

One of the other ideas she brings up is the matter of cleanup and garbage, something that a lot of people forget about in the flurry of activity. This is especially important to remember for outdoor venues since unless they have a waste removal plan, leaving your garbage behind could cost you hundreds in extra fees, or even legal fines if you’re partying in a public place. Renting a haul-away isn’t the most glamorous of solutions, but they tend to be affordable, and you can move all the trash there yourself without it being an entire day’s worth of work. Then the company takes the bin and you can move on to worrying about your honeymoon!


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