How to Hardwood Floor Sanding

Hardwood floor sanding is an effective method to restore old hardwood floors. The YouTube video, “Sanding Hardwood floors. Tutorial How to do it yourself,” illustrates the steps involved in this process.

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A rental machine is the primary equipment used in hardwood floor sanding. Before starting, a building paper should be carefully installed in the guard compartment. Four kinds of build paper (60, 80, 100, and 120 grid) are required for the entire sanding process.

The first step is sanding the room’s space using the rental machine. Ensure you move back and forth in a systematic manner. Avoid the room’s edges during this step since they’re best handled using an edge sander.

Next, switch your starting position. Switching your starting position enables you to touch the room portions that you couldn’t reach previously.

You must keep an eye on the rental machine’s dustbag, and empty it whenever it’s full. Also, ensure that you carry out the sanding process four times using a higher grade of grid paper every time you start over.

After sanding the room’s spaces, use an edge sander for the room’s edges. Then apply polyurethane and clean it to obtain a lustrous appearance.


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