How Your AC Works and HVAC Repairs Made Easy

When you switch on the thermostat, you always anticipate a surge of warm or cool air from the vents. Your first impulse could be to start seeking HVAC repairs if this isn’t happening. However, by knowing how your AC works, you can do minor repairs to your HVAC system yourself and save time and money.

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The AC should circulate cold air when you set the temperature correctly, not hot or warm air, but if this is the case, the air filter in your system might be clogged. The first and easiest thing to check is always the filter; you need to change it as part of your HVAC system routine maintenance. Install a new filter and ensure you insert the filter in the direction that the arrows on the filter are pointing.
The HVAC system’s central processing unit is the thermostat, which requires power to function effectively. Batteries, a low voltage wire, or a combination can power it. If your thermostat doesn’t operate, it may lack a power supply. The initial step is always to swap out the thermostat’s battery with a new one to see if it will resume its normal status; if not, it would be best to seek an expert to inspect and fix the issue.

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